PixelView PlayTV Box5

•April 10, 2007 • 1 Comment

After withdraw the order from play-asia.  To avoid any delay on linking my xbox to LCD. I decided to get pixel view play TV box 5 from local computer hardware distributor. With the cost RM245.

 My rating to this device is 85%. Reason: value for money. With this value i can project my Xbox to LCD with 1280 x 1024 high-resolution output. I did compare, S-video and normal RCA connection. S-video project better quality then normal RCA connection from Xbox.

img_0115.jpg TVBOX img_0111.jpg img_0106.jpg

The new arrangement of the Xbox and LCD hopefully will last long. Alot of time when i arrange the PC, LCD and xbox location, due to some safety issue, i have to rearrange it. Hopefully with this new layout it will be more tightly and better cable management.


Wrong Shipment From Play-asia.com (Invoice No. 5507357)

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After Long waiting for 3 weeks, Very disappointed received a parcel from play-asia.com today and they ship a wrong item for me. (The invoice no. 5507357)I purchase Upscan Converter+ TV which cost me USD69.90 And play-asia.com send me Original soundtrack album (Patlabor) CD which they only sell USD19.90Below is the screenshot of all the photos

img_0087.JPG untitled-3.gif untitled-1.gif img_0086.JPG

Hope someone from play.asia.com will respond to my complaint within this week and workout with me how to send me the correct item that I purchase. I will continue to enforce my consumer rights until someone from play-asia.com (http://www.play-asia.com/)respond to my complaint. My email address: hbau76@gmail.com 

Today someone name JOE from play-asia respond to my complaint, asking for hand written order number. The number is 5507357 as shown as above photo. Expecting he will expedite to send me the actual item that i purchase.

Finally, i decided to get back the money from Play-asia since they not able to provide me any date on the restock on this item.  I will rate this company good reputation and respond to customer request on time even they not able to deliver what they suppose to send.

The CD will send back to the P.O box number that they provide in normal post. I will not put any negative feedback to this company as they really care about customer expectation when dealing with customer complaint. Thumb up for this company. Will trade again if any item that attract me from their website.

Another Farewell Session

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Its a new year…..2007. I have been working for my new company almost 1 years 2 months.

Since i join Unix Infrastructure Team for the past 1 year 2 months. This is the 3rd farewell session done for my team members. First Chyn Siew, Kar li and now Andrew. Whose next 🙂 Now left me and Kenny Khoo.

Chyn Siew FareWell Kar Li FareWell Andrew Farewell

Christmas Dinner In Gurney Plaza Food Loft (Penang)

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25/12/2006, Christmas day with my son and wife. 

It is a public holiday in Malaysia. We decided to goto Penang gurney plaza to buy some cloth for Kai Zhe. After hours of shopping we enjoy our dinner in a restaurant at 4th floor in Gurney plaza(Food loft) which they serve Japanese, local and western food. Go back to Butterworth around 6PM, as usual Jeti (ferry) is crowded with alot of cars. We manage to take the 2nd ferry and end of today journey. Reach home around 7:30pm.

100_0018.JPG 100_0029.JPG 100_0032.JPG 100_0036.JPG 100_0035.JPG

100_0031.JPG 100_0040.JPG 100_0045.JPG 100_0048.JPG

My Second Unit of Core 2 duo PC(E6300)

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Second core 2 duo PC is setup completed.  This units of PC will use mainly for DVR recording for my home security and emule and BT download. I don’t see much different compare to my core 2 duo E6600, might be all the program that i use is not required much CPU resources. 🙂

Due to tight budget, I manage to setup this unit at price around Malaysia Ringgit 1000, which is around USD260

Specs as below:

  1. 512MB DDR2 Memory 667Mhz

  2. Gigabyte GA-945GM-S2

  3. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300

(Transfer from my retire machine) 

  1. Cooler master power supply

  2. Casing


My Experience on Firmware Upgrade on Nokia E61 from V2 to V3 upgrade.

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Everytime when going thru the firmware upgrade either on my PC motherboard or handphone firmware upgrade, alot of road block will be hit and from there experience learned.

The 20-12-06 firmware is burn to my E61 on 22-Dec-06, excited and curious what is the improvement on the firmware.

After flash the firmware encounter few problems.

1. E61 Phone not able to hard reset using *#7370*, everytime rebooted all the data still intact.

2. Not able to reflash after upgrade to 3.0633.09.04.

BKM(Best known method). Hard reset the E61 with key (3, * , green botton , power botton) hold it until it boot up. Above problem is solve after hard reset, Able to reflash the firmware and able to hard reset using *#7370*.

Nokia E61 V.3 Firmware

Nokia E61 with Philips Neckstrap Headphones SHE9600 >= Apple Ipod Mini

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Registered WordPress couple of weeks already. Now only have time to really sit down and draft out something. Just get my Philips SHE 9600 Neckstrap headphones from local computer shop at Malaysia Ringgit 87.00. Love the design and the performance not bad. Will use this headphone with my Nokia E61. Now i turning my Nokia E61 into MP3 player 🙂

Nokia E61 with Philips SHE9600